Project Zomboid record

June 20, 2011

Cool, survived for 12 days and 22 hours in the apocalypse.I would’ve survived longer but i caught on fire D:

Here’s a proof:

More coming soon.


I got Project Zomboid

June 19, 2011

So yeah, yesterday i bought the most realistic and the best zombie survival game ever, Project Zomboid. I will make gameplay videos of it, first i will upload only one video of it. If it gets a good amount of thumbs ups at youtube i will upload more of it. The first video about it will be my first gameplay of it EVER. So it’s gonna be my first time playing it. I will let you know my thoughts at the same time. The first video should be uploaded on sunday 🙂

– tTeemu “Novatris” Kosonen

What if Egoraptor made: Project Awesomeboid

June 16, 2011

So after i saw Egoraptor‘s “Awesome Noire” i gained a huge motivation to animate fullbody. That’s why i’m making an “awesome animation”. it’s like a thank you to Egoraptor 🙂 I don’t know how to say it in any other words. Part of the reason why i can’t say it in any other wordsis simply because i’m finnish and can’t speak english that well (or type).

Project Awesomeboid is a parody of Project Zomboid. Project Awesomeboid shows some stuff about Zomboid, that people find funny, annoying or just some way different. Just like Awesome series’s.

Here’s the preloader screen of the animation:

Project Zomboid’s website/ blog here:





– Teemu “Novatris” Kosonen












RHG: The Chef

October 31, 2010

I got bored with Shuvl(my former RHG) because all the fire particles BUT, i made a new one called The Chef! The name tells pretty much all. Yes he is a cook, a Chef,sorry. And he uses cooking supplies as weapons. He can carry up to four supplies. For more info, check my RHG from



March 26, 2010

Finally, marcha 24. 2010 i got my phone, nokia x6…. Damn this is kewl 😀 it was only 3 weeks late.

Ordering from the internet

March 18, 2010

Ok. So a week ago i was ordering my new phone Nokia x6. When the ordering was done, an email was sent to me from the site. it said: “Thank you for ordering from The delivery takes 3 to six days” Yeah and i was like “oh cool,only 3 to 6 days cooooollll” soo i waited 3 days,then i checked my mailbox,noo nothing and i was like “oh well maby it comes tomorrow,i have 3 days left”. Then the next day i checked my mailbox again.No nothing i was like “come ooonnnn phone, theres only 2 days left” . And then i waited till the next day.

So it was march 12th, friday and i checked the mailbox again. “come one you have to be there” i said while walking and then i checked i was “yayyyyyy mailll finally..hey wait what? nothing about the phone?OMFGGG what the hell… Well atleast i have one day left to wait” I felt like im waiting for christmas to come…

Saturday,the final day i checked my mail and SHABAM surprise surprise,nothing… and again i was like ” motherffff-! what is this it should be here by now!” well i thought that maby i can wait till monday,so i did.

Soo here we are Monday march 15th. NOTHING and once again i cursed like hell and then i sent a rageous email back on

Later on that day i recieved an email from the company:”Hi and sorry,we don’t have the product in our warehouse. But the product will be on our ware house at the on of the next weekend and it will be delivered next week”


So here i am waiting my phone to come, but one thing is fo sho, i’ll never order from internet again…..

– Teemu (Novatris)

Balloon comic

March 18, 2010

and what went wrong?